Friday, 7 September 2007

Not too much to report today. Lillie came out of school with a GOLD star today, she says it was because she had been good all of the time and had made a necklace for her teacher (with cord and coloured cotton real thingys). Next week they have to line up without parents (we can stand close by) and then go into class and find their pegs, put their water bottles in the correct box, put book bags in their trays and find their names on the self register pictures, by themselves!! It's all to start to make them independant!
I've had a bit of a craft session today, making 3 cards for an order for my friend and a couple atc's as part of the alphabet swap on the CM&PC forum. Not taken pictures yet but will show them when I have.
I think poor old Toffie (one of our 2 original guinnea pigs) is poorly, he's stayed outside in the run beside the bed all day, most of the time buried in the hay but this evening he was uncovered. He went inside for his tea and is eating, but when I got him out yesterday he seemed really thin, he had always been quite a stocky little fella. I hope he pulls through bless him.
More tomorrow.

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