Sunday, 30 September 2007

We had a lazy start to the day today, we had a long lay in and then sorted out who was having what for christmas from the long list of gifts we have accumulated since boxing day! We needed to sort out a few birthday bits out to, what a surprise we have too much!!!
It was a bit different to how the day was actually mapped out, with Mattew going gardening all day, I was going to fill the cakes I made yesterday then have a morning catching up on my forums and maybe do some crafting.
Lillie went to Harry's birthday party and Hollie and I went to see if there was anything left in the Next sale, there was very little there, but I did manage to get Lillie and Tia a dress each for next summer, there wasn't anything in Hollie's size to look at. We them dashed accross town to get to Tesco before they shut (little did we know they were open until 5pm) I got myself 2 pairs of trousers which I was really pleased about as I can't keep wearing my cropped trousers now the weather is turning miserable, even though saying that I do wear them with my long boots sometimes, but it's nice to have a change.
Lillie had a really nice time and we arrived home at the same time as Matthew who had collected the roof tiles he bought from a friend. More bits for the long awaited extension, worked out they are going to sit there another year and a half before we can sort out the mortgage to get the money together to do it. Did have the idea of asking mum and dad if they will loan us the money so we can do it next year as I really really don't want the yard looking like a scrap yard for that long! So we need to do lots of creeping!!!!

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