Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Been shopping with Kay today and I am exhausted! With Matthew off work ill I thought fab he can look after Hollie that's 1 less child to cope with. But alas Kay phones up Jack has been crazing to go out with Hollie since 6.30am, so I ended up taking her or he would be a nightmare. Hollie was really well behaved, but he had to touch everything and want everything, then there's Ben who's nearly 1 crying every time the buggy sat still.
Still I managed to get Hollie a pair of shoes and boots, boots and pj's for Lillie and a pair of shoes and some craft goodies for myself, so not so bad.
I think Kay was pleased with her day out, she got all of the bits for Jack's party bags, too much I think but you can't tell her, and also the party game prizes, she also managed to sneak off a couple of times to get him some presents.
So that's it for today really bath and bed in a while, time to recharge the batteries!!!

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