Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Well my dear little Lillie had her first day in reception class at 'big' school today, bless her she was ever so good. She got up and out of bed without any fuss at all, had her breakfast and couldn't wait to get her uniform on, all new from head to toe, she looked so sweet and so very grown up. My little girl is no longer so little!
She was a little clingy at first but soon met up with some old friends from nursery and was happy to play and let us leave. Not a tear in sight! When we picked her up she was full of beans, she had had a really good morning and is excited about going back tomorrow, they are apparantly having visitors but she can't remember who, I'm intrigued!
I took the girls to Macdonalds for a special treat as they are being good at going to bed and also for Lillie for haveing a good first day.
I took photo's of Lillie in her uniform before school, and of course some of Hollie, and yep I had made a scrapbook page titled '1st Day' by 2pm!
Had a catch up on the CM&PC forum and am pleased to have done another atc swap x2 with Craftnance whose atc's I love.

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