Thursday, 27 September 2007

Wow has it really been a week since my last entry? I did type out an entry on Sunday with pictures but for some unknown reason there was no connection and it wouldn't publish it?
Well catch up time, we really enjoyed Joseph on Friday night, Craig from the tv show was Joseph and one of the other runner ups Chris was playing the part of Benjamin. I never really liked either of them on the show but they did a good job, it makes you laugh how excited some people get at seeing someone from the tele!!! The thing that crazes us is when everyone claps after every blooming song, why? It's a musical they are there to sing!?!
Sunday night we went to see Alan Carr, he was pretty good, but we both agreed that we though Ed Bryn was funnier. It was funny because he spotted a chap in the front row who looked like his tele side kick Justin Lee Collins so through out the show kept referring to him as Justin. He also kept picking bits out of our local newspaper to talk about which was quite amuzing, guess he does that at each venue as part of his act.
Let me see what else, we went to see my friend Mandy yesterday we haven't had a catch up for a month or so so that was nice, also for Hollie to play with Luke. We had to dash off as I was having my hair cut, just a trim, it's Lillie's turn this afternoon.
Been making a few cards I really wish I could sit a make loads but my juices don't seem to be flowing, just dribbling!!!
Anyway here's a few of the most recent ones I've made,
The 3 pictures below are made using the cheap (24 for 24p) christmas cards I bought the other day, cut dow and used as toppers. This one I have made as an A5 card (A4 folded) as I think people may want larger cards? Also using 1 of my cheap cards as a topper.
These 2 are larger in size again, I haven't added greetings incase personalization is required. The following 2 cards are my 1st attempts at the 'tent topper' style format, I think I'll be making a few more in this style I quite like it. They are made so they can still fit into a C6 envelope.This is the card I made for a birthday on the CM&PC forum, the toppper I made the size of an atc so if they didn't want to keep the card they would still have an atc to keep!That's it for now.

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Angelswings_2 said...

I love both of your Tent Topper cards Joanne, I would love to know where you got the daisy decoupage from its so pretty?

Keep up the fab work