Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Not a bad day for card making, I got 5 made! Just had my friend on the phone with another order to.
Had a crap start to the day, Lillie just would not get herself moving so annoyed me straight off, then Hollie kept on whinging aarrgg.... I don't think having Matthew home ill helped much. /the phone rang early and woke me up it was Matthews boss asking how is was and if her could talk to him, umm... he wasn't in bed and his boss was asking for him so assumed he was downstairs on the settee! Yep he was, still Hollie has been able to stay home with him whilst I trot back and forth to the school.
Postie brought me an ebay parcel this morning, some lovely large paper flowers and beaded baby embelishments, have used a flower on a card below.
Finally caught up with taking and transferring photos, here they are:

Wedding invite as we received it

and after as a recycled wedding card, I just loved those pictures!A card for my cousins little boy who is Brum mad! It is 3d.
This one is for my friend, her husband left her a few months back so hope this 3d saucy hunk cheers her up!
Final card for tonight is the one with my new flower on it, the main picture is 3d'd, I really do like this one.
Will put the others I made today on tomorrows post. Doubt I'll get any made tomorrow as I'm off to help Kay spend her money!!! No doubt I'll have a good go at spending my own to!!!

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