Thursday, 13 September 2007

No entry yesterday as I ran out of time!
We had a brief meeting today at the school, just to let us know how the children are getting on and what they are doing. They had their work for us to look at, and said they were all doing really well considering they had only been there a few mornings.
Kay and the boys came round this morning, she's already worrying about Jacks birthday party it's not for a month! She's asked for a couple of cards, I like that because she gives me specifics, even though she didn't know what she wanted for Ben as it's his first, so I took some photos of him on the lawn and said I'd do a scrapbook style card for him, which she liked the sound of.
Mum and dad came round this afternoon, they'd been out to lunch, the girls were really excited to see them, when they were leaving the girls were on the swings (not properly on their tummies, then Hollie decided to do a running leap onto the swing, but it launched her into the garden straight onto her face, think she landed on the log edging after hitting the bush. Bless her heart the whole right side of her face is scarlet and grazed she looks terrible.
I've actually entered my first challenge on the Just Bex forum (tear it) I entered a scrap page I had made yesterday, so now I know how to add the pictures there'll e no stopping me now!!

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