Tuesday, 11 September 2007

A bit sad at them moment as we have just buried Toffie, one of our 1st two guinnea pigs, he passed away earlier today. I went to see him this morning and he seemed a little livlier, I gave him a drink but he wasn't eating his food which isn't right for a pig. Bless him, we've buried him beside his baby which sadly died after it's birth.
Toffie as a youngster.
Had a nightmare of a time with Lillie today, she just won't do as she is told, it started this morning as for the first time since starting school I had to wake her up. She wouldn't eat breakfast, get dressed, have her hair done aarrgghh! Leaving her at school was soooooo.... much easier today and not just because I was angry with her, she happily lined up and off she went, we even forgot a kiss!!! Then she started again when it was time to get ready for ballet, she put her parts on for about half an hour, finally got dressed and we got her to the lesson on time, but we forgot to take a bear! They are practising for a show in January, aparantly at their age 4/5 it takes 20 minutes to learn a 2 minute dance! She came out of the lesson and had had a great time, the show is Hanzel and Gretal and they are the naughty birds that eat the crumbs!!
I've done a bit of crafting today. I couldn't believe it when I opened a letter the postman brought and it was my Lili of the Valley die cuts, I only ordered them yesterday!! I ordered the fairies and the christmas fairies so made these 3 cards using them

I also made these two, the poppy one is a belated birthday card for a friend of the family, I haven't put greetings on them as I didn't feel they needed them.

It doesn't show too well, but the poppy is decoupaged and the 'pink fairies' is a pyramid. Well it's hells kitchen time again, so I'm off.

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