Tuesday 4 September 2007

Hi, it's been a week since my last post, due to having a short break and not really having the time!
Still I'm back now, we had a nice break in Gt Yarmouth and was lucky with the weather. My friends mum's caravan was really lovely we felt quite spoilt! It was on the Wild Duck site just outside of Yarmouth, we stayed there a couple of years ago and it's really nice. We had Matthews daughter for the week so she came to, they enjoyed meeting all of the characters, Bradley Bear, Anxious Elephant, Greedy Monkey and the boy and girl whose name I can't remember! They managed to meet them all and collect a sticker for their sticker album they got given, and when you've got them all they keep a section and in time they should get sent a pin badge with all of the characters on, which I thought was a nice idea.
We were lucky enough to see the last circus show of the season in the club on Tuesday evening, there were about 9 of them from all over the world, and it was very good.
We met up with my mum, dad, sister and 2 nephews on Wednesday as they were there for the day. The children liked spending time together and enjoyed several rides both on the pier and at the Joyland fair. They went home after tea, but we stayed and was lucky enough to see a really good fireworks display on the beachfront, even though we had to hang around until 10pm to see it!!! They have them every week through the holiday season, but this was a double display as they had to cancel the previous weeks due to strong winds.
Thursday we went to Pleasurewood Hills as Matthew had never been and wanted to see what it was like. We won't be going back in a hurry, everything is too spread out, we really enjoyed Gullivers so whilst the children are young enough to enjoy it we'll be going back there. We did watch a good circus show in the castle!
Friday was pack up and clean up time. We went to Thrigby Wildlife park for the afternoon, it's a lovely little place and you can get quite colse to the animals. The monkeys were the favourite attractions again this visit, especially as there was a baby, oh it was so sweet, it coule sit in the palm of your hand, I could've watched it all afternoon! We left there and popped in the Range at Norwich so I could have a look at the craft section, and believe it or not only came away with a couple of bits!!!
I had a quick couple of cards to make for my friend, but have been spending any spare time I have making scrapbook pages, yep another addiction!!
Here's one I did of a couple of holiday pics, on various days they had character storytime, they girls got to see Anxious and Bradley!

Well it's Lillie's 1st day at 'big' school tomorrow, everything is ready, just hope I don't have to drag her out of bed in the morning because she'll be a right grumpy guts if I do! We don't really like mornings!!

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