Saturday 29 September 2007

Was woken up by the postie ringing the door bell this morning, but when I opened the parcel he had given me I didn't mind at all, for it was a box full of dies for me to borrow sent from the very kind and lovely Frances (aka craftymumof3) from the CM&PC forum. I've cut some christmasy bits so far and am going to make some mini cards using these as the embellishments. I've yet to play with the others!!
I've made a christmas tent topper card, not sure if I like it, I don't think the backing paper on the bottom half of the card looks right, I will post a pic in a future entry.
I called Kay to come round as I needed to run a couple of card ideas by her, she phoned in a panic, she was shopping and couldn't find modelling balloons, so I came to the rescue (as per usual LOL) and pointed her in the right direction. She liked the ideas I had for Jack's birthday cards, so that's good it means I can put these together over the next few days. She said the girls are welcome to go trick or treating with them at the end of the month, and also invited us to their halloween party uuggghh.. They go to town and dress up and have parties, play tricks etc, we don't really bother, I told her they didn't do fancy dress outfits in out sizes!!!
I made my cakes x 11 this afternoon after Kay had left, which was actually later than I had hoped to get started. I was still baking when mum and dad brought Lillie home from her much loved sleepover, she loves them as she gets spoiled!! I had invited mum and dad to stay for chinese as we were having one anyway, I think they enjoyed it.
At least now I don't have to rush about getting cakes done in the morning, just need to make the icing and fill them ready for Matthew to deliver. I am taking Lillie to her friend Harry's birthday party tomorrow afternoon, I may pop to the Next sale see if there is anything exciting left, I have just been online and got the girls a dress each and a t-shirt each for Jordan and Ethan, either as little extra christmas pressies or even Easter pressies (yes for next year!!)!!

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