Thursday 6 September 2007

These early mornings for school are starting to catch up with me now, I've yawned most of the afternoon, must be getting old!!
Well Lillie's second day/morning at school again went well, she came home with another silver star apparantly for being clever and finding her own drinks bottle. They were all given a new school drinks bottle which has to be taken in every day, so they can have drinks at break-time, and they are all the same so there will be no arguements because someone has something better.
I took Hollie to visit my Auntie after we had taken Lillie to school, I showed her my latest batch of cards. She was very impressed with the bookatrix and toe tapper shoes, also my scrapbook pages, she says 'I'm a clever clever girl!' We then went to see my mum and dad for a little while before having to return to pick Lillie up again. They came round with sausage/fish and chips for lunch (naughty, naughty!!) before heading off to get their hairs done, alright for some!
Matthew's going to be late home from work again tonight (so what's new?) it drives me mad sometimes, he works so hard and they don't appreciate it.
I received my Crafts Beautiful magazine but I can't see anything too exciting in it, I'll have a better look at bed time if I can stay awake to look at it that is! With Big Brother finishing I thought I was going to be lost for things to watch on the tv, but am getting into Hells Kitchen, Marco is one scary man! If it were my James (Martin) doing it I'd have to try to get a table! I can't wait until November, going to see him for the 4th time, he's demonstrating at a christmas fair, I've had my tickets for about a month!! Matthew says if I book a night away he'll take me to Winchester to his deli/shop for my birthday in October, he has filmed a few series there and I'd love just to go there for a look, buy something to get a bag!!! How wonderful it would be for the man himself to be there on the day, a slim dream, he's far too busy to be there too often.
Just got around to watching Save the last Dance 2 had it for about a month now, was looking through the bargain bin and came accross it, didn't even know there was one! It was ok, but no where near as good as the first one. Matthew and I went to Norwich to see that at the cinema, one of our first dates 6 years ago!

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