Monday 17 September 2007

Quick entry tonight.
I set out today wanting to make lots of cards and atc's, but my enthusiasm has got up and gone. I looked on some saved sites even ebay for some ideas and inspiration and although I've seen some lovely work just can't get going? I did manage to make 1 card (not photographed yet) but am not really all that happy with it.
Lillie went off to school today fine, I had explained to her that she was going to be there longer as it was her first full day, and she came out saying she'd had a good day, so that's good. Thought she would be tired but no she's still watching tv, taking them to be in a min. maybe school and ballet will knacker her out?
Hollie is getting better, she's eaten and drank more today and has kept it down ok. She's at a bit of a loose end without Lillie being here, guess she'll get used to it, Easter will be here before we can blink and then I'l be on my own.
Hells Kitchen final in a while so I'm off.

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