Thursday 16 July 2009

The rest of the teachers thank you's!

All teachers presents were given out this morning and Lillie's teacher came straight over to me and asked if I would consider doing a craft workshop at the school! Ooooo...... what a result, I said yes of course, it would only be a couple of times during the year she said maybe christmas and easter, gotta start somewhere I guess!
and on top of that I got my application form for the catering assistant at the school my goodness it's scary filling out the form I've NEVER done one before! I went straight from school into a YTS scheme but I got taken on at my placement before the scheme even started and that's where I stayed for 13 years before leaving to start my family. I've got to try and find my school exam results aarrghhhh..!!!!
Anyhow here are Hollie's bookmarks she made for her teachers, sadly I forgot to take a picture of Lillie's but they are very similar.Here is a picture of all of the completed gift bags all lined up and ready to go! I wrote each of the teachers names under the Thanks plaque on the image for that added personal touch!
and another card which Lillie chose for her teacher, you may notice that all of the images have yellow/blonde hair which is to make them look a bit like my girls although their hair is longer lol!! This card is also my entry for the Friday Sketchers challenge.

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Anonymous said...

gorgeous......and so much work