Wednesday 8 July 2009

A wonderful wedding

It was my cousin Adam's wedding on Saturday and we had an absolutely wonderful day. The weather was perfect, warm but not hot and bright blue skies. The service went well (I even sang the hymns!! normally I lip sync!) and Adam and Kirsty looked divine.
Here is a piccie of my hubby and I looking a bit posh before we went into churchEveryone I spoke to I hit with my hat!! I took it off later and put the flower corsage which is on my dress in my hair, but I felt like I was missing something lol!!
Here is a piccie of myself with my mum and dadMy dad has been a bit poorly with his depression for the past few weeks and it was touch and go if he was coming to the wedding with mum, so glad he did and he seemed to have a nice time, nice for mum too because she would've be a bit upset coming on her own, I know we were there and the rest of the family but it just wouldn't have been the same.
I took 146 photo's in all, but this has to be one of my absolute favourites of the bride and groom, so glad we clocked the photographer doing the posy shots!and one last picture of one of the many many flower arrangements my mum assisted on making, there was a team of about 7 doing the flowers 1 was my mum and 2 my aunties and they did flowers from Monday right up until Friday night all day!!
and yesterday when I delivered my auntie's cake (grooms mum and yes the wedding was at their house, only 1/2 of it shown in the above pic) she gave me one of the bigger arrangements (it sat on the top of a tall vase) some fresh flowers to revamp it with and a bottle of wine, not bad in exchange for a cake me thinks!!

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cats whiskers said...

Wow dear you look so glam in that beautiful red dress and hat, a real star. Bet you felt good in it
Hugs Jacqui x