Wednesday 15 July 2009

Teacher thank-you conveyor belt!!!!

Me being me I leave every thing until the last minute!! The past 2/3 days I have been processing teacher thank you cards like on a converyor belt! At least I've got good use out of my Pollycraft stamp lol!! Not only did I use the image for the cards, 7 in total, I also used it to titivate gift bags!
Here are some of the cards
pretty basic but still pretty I think!
Here are the bags I decorated up to make them look a bit nicer, although I love those big polka dots! (3 bags for £1 from Poundland!).
Hooray I have just finished writing all of the cards, hubby is just putting them and the pressie's in the bags and we are done, ready for giving out tomorrow!
I figured it wouldn't be as emotional giving them out tomorrow as waiting until the last day, although I am sure there will be tears, it always happens when they give the children a hug and say bye! Ah well we'll have to make a mad dash for the door!!
The girls also made some bookmarks to go in the bags but I have uploaded the pictures yet, I'll show you them tomorrow.