Saturday 31 October 2009

**Birthday Blog Candy**

Yes it's that time of year again and on Saturday I will turn the ripe old age of 37!!! So although no where near as elaborate as a lot of candies on the web, I thought I would offer one lucky winner this little pile of blog candy. I missed my blogs 2nd anniversary back at the end of August to, Wow I cannot believe it's been up and running for so long!!!The candy consists of a brand new (piccie is just to show the image) Sugar Nellie 'Giddy Up' stamp,various Anita's coloured christmas stickers, various Anita's Dimensions stickers, stick on diamonds (I use these ALL the time!), a pack of Create and Craft 3d embellishments, and a selection of different flowers. I will add other goodies when I find them!

To be in with a chance of winning please leave a comment on this post and I would like a little more from you than that!! I like cooking but I have a very fussy younger daughter Hollie, my eldest (Lillie) will eat almost anything but oh no not Hollie. So I would like for you to leave me a recipe idea that either your child likes or one you think might just do the trick!
Look forward to seeing those recipe's!!! Good luck!!

I would also appreciate it if you could please spread the word to!

This candy will remain open until midnight (UK time) on 31st October 2009.
Don't worry if you cannot think of a recipe idea, you'll get entered for just commenting!


Sally said...

Sorry I can't help you with that. I have a DIL and granddaughter who will eat nothing, but pb&j, toasted cheese, (as long as you don't get the bread too brown) and chicken nuggets and green beans. That's it. Drives me nuts!

Anonymous said...

well first of great that u offer us such lovely candy :)
and I know how u feel about having a fussy one too...she doesnt like potatoes, no veggies and only some sorts of meat
but I made a potatoe soup the other day she
I basically cut some bacon and onions and fried them in a pot, then added courgettes( them green things that look like cucumbers) cellery and potatoes and added chicken stock...let it boil really soft and mashed it ( with that long mixer thing...dunno what its called in
I then added fresh chopped parsley and some chopped hot dog sausages and all 4 girls and hubby loved it....and hubby normally doesnt like soup
u might try that with Hollie ;)
have fun on saturday<3

Anonymous said...

What a great candy! I have 2 kids and they love to eat everything. But what my boy prefer its macaroni with tomato soup, beaf and cut wax bean. and finaly you put on this mashed potatoes. It's a family recipe of my husband.I'm french so I hope it's clear for you!

*Michaela* said...

Hey Joanne:
Happy Birthday!!! And what a fab candy to win, thanks for the chance! I have a 4-year old and she eats pretty much anything, but her favourite is homemade Mac n'Cheese. I use the butterfly pasta - girly, right? I boil it one minute less than recommended and strain it. Puit it in the oven safe dish. Then in a pan I use butter, little bit of milk, spoonful of sourcream and any kind of cheese (good 2-3 cups) I find (usually sharp cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan). I cook it to almost boiling, all cheese should be melted and the mixture soft and creamy. You could use whisk to make it smoother. I pour the mixture over the pasta and gently mix with the spoon. Put it in the oven (400 oF) for about 15-20 minutes. Sometimes in the last five minutes I put on top breadcrumbs with melted butter and broil it. Yummy :)

Allison said...

yummy candy
I don't have kids but what about making pizzas from pitta bread or crusty bread that way they can have exactly what they like on them

Loz said...

Happy Birthday!! Will link a pic of your candy on my sidebar after I do this!! My 3½ yo is somewhat fussy... only thing she 'wants' to eat is pasta!! She'd have pasta everynight if I made it! Whereas my 15 month old twin sons, they eat ANYTHING!! If she helps you make it does that make her want to eat it? Sorry. Not much help! Good luck!

Anne said...

Hi Joanne,
My daughter used to be exactly like yours, very little nourishing food passed her lips till I allowed her to 'help' me cook. We started off really simply by making soups with her preparing the veggies, desserts were next as I thought the sweeter things would help, which they did and got her eating fruit and progressed from there. Result is, she can now cook well for herself at 19 and eats almost anything at all. For me it was all trial and error but it worked. Good luck, I still remember the tantrums at meal times lol
Thanks too for the chance to win your gorgeous candy. I'll post a link on my side bar for you
Anne x

Wendy K. said...

My kids eat better if they get to help pick out what we eat and new recipes to try. Or look up ways to make "fun" food, like octopus hotdogs (cut the long way about 1/2 way up the dog and when you cook the 'legs' curl up). They also like sandwiches when they are made with a press (like Pampered Chef has). I think it's kinda wasteful because they don't eat all the bread but when I get it at a discount at the bread store I don't feel so bad about it. Thanks for the chance at your candy!

Rosa Forino said...

It would be great to receive such a gift! Thank you for this opportunity.sorry for my english spero di vincere un saluto dall'Italia bye bye rosa
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helencreaty1 said...

hi i just found your blog, and i 'd like to win this great candy, thanks for the chance, it s very nice of you, and all the litlle girls are very fussy , so dont care about it,but you can make fruit juices and vegetable souP( whit chicken ,potatoes, vegatables and noodles) that 'd be my little advice, ok
have a nice wekk

HazelQ said...

Wow nice candy :) thank you for the chance to win and may you have a wonderful bday!!
I can't think of any recipe at the top of my head right now :P but maybe you could try giving her soup... mm what about a letter tomato soup ;)

Holley (Tondre) Barnhart said...

Well, as a Holley myself, I can say I was also a fussy eater as a kid, esp when I was feeling sick.
Two things we could never resist though: tuna pasta salad (a full bag of sea shell shape pasta (cook and cool) then add 2 small cans of tuna (squeeze out the water of course), chopped veggies (your choice of green onions, celery, and tomatoes) plus a bottle of ranch dressing.

our 2nd favorite thing around the house was poor man's chicken n dumplings. boil a whole chicken in a large pot; debone and get ride of the bones/skin and fat; take a can of those refridge biscuits open it and cut each into 4 peices. Roll them into little balls (that's what the kids can do to help); when done add them to the pot and cook. I love it.--here's a better explanation of it--,1641,128180-251197,00.html

Cheers, Holley

✿Lilly❀ said...

try to put some m&m in your muffins..that's my recipe ;-)
love from Sicily

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