Wednesday 7 October 2009

Paper pieced out!!!!

The Sugar Bowl challenge along with the lovely sketch was to paper piece your image. Why oh why did I choose this image? There were so many bit to cut out and stick, but I think it looks kind of ok! I punched the flowers in matching papers and the bow kind of just ended up like that, I double up the fibre tied the bow and I thought it looked quite nice.

The girls went to school all dressed up today as it's childrens book week, Hollie has gone as a witch and Lillie as snow white!
They insisted on doing a curtsey!!!
It's so lovely to see Hollie smiling on these pictures, as we have been having lots and lots of tears these past few days, not wanting to go to school :0( I think there are various factors to the change as she was fine for the first 3 weeks, a lot of her friends that moved up to reception with her only do half days so they go home at lunch and her best friend is one of them, so I feel she is feeling a bit lost in the afternoons. Also lunch is playing a bit factor she just doesn't want to stay for lunch and has sobbed over it, Hollie will only eat what she wants when she wants, and I think the dinner ladies (if those from the school I work at are anything to go by) presurise them into eating! I've had words and asked them not to go on at her over her lunch and to make sure she sits with Lillie (luckily they are in the same dining hall). She's packing her own dinner so gets to choose whatever she wants, they said there were a few tears yesterday but a bit better than previous days. I had to pick them up early yesterday as I had a family friends funeral to go to, it was so sad, Brian dealt in, fixed and made antique clocks, his wish was always to be buried in his favourite GrandFather clock and his wish came true yesterday, it was amazing to see the clock being carried into church, all we've ever seen and sure will ever see again are your normal coffin. The family did so well at such at sad time, but I still can't get over the fact that my ex best friend didn't come to her own dad's funeral, just gob smacking!
Anyway have a nice day, I'm off to work in a mo. it's lasagna day!


cats whiskers said...

This is just brilliant great image beautifully coloured, and those little storeytime girls just look stunning how proud you must be hun Hugs Jacqui x

debby4000 said...

Oh this is adorable, wonderful card.
What cute pics too, they're both looking so sweet. I'm sure Hollie will settle at school soon.

Anonymous said...

so cute ur kids...and love that card aswell :)