Monday 1 November 2010

A very packed few days in Blackpool! - picture overload!!

I spent the afternoon of my birthday packing to go to Blackpool, we left home at 9am last Monday and returned at 3am on Friday morning, after a very very full 4 days!!
Here is a view of the tower from the North Pier with the Central Pier in the background. 
          the girls sitting sitting on the North Pier with the tower behind them.
  that evening we queued for an hour, it was freezing, to have a tour of the illuminations.  This is the illuminated tram that we travelled on.
 Lillie took this photo of us with the lights in the background!
 the following day we went to the waxworks, where the girls tinkled the ivories with Sir Elton!!
                                               I held hands with Peter Andre!!!!!
 Can you see me?
 hubby got James Bond aka Daniel Craig by the short and curlies!
 LOADS more pictures of us with the likes of Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue, Simon Cowell, Harry Potter, David Beckham, Lewis Hamilton, but didn't think I'd bore you with them all!!!
The following day we had a bit of a mix up, hubby and I had cross words on the carpark lol!!!  I could've sworn my Tesco's vouchers (for the Tower) were in the bag in the car boot, hubby said they were in the bag in the travelodge, he was right, but why couldn't he of mentioned that before we left????  So instead of going to the Tower we went to the zoo!!
Where of course I couldn't resist a picture of our fave meerkats!!  I think this is a pretty good picture considering it was taken through glass!
 this dear little gorilla baby was born in May, so sweet!!
 So on Thursday with said Tesco's vouchers securely in my handbag (mind you they would've been in the car this time as we had packed anyway!) we headed to the Tower! 
Here is hubby dancing with Lillie on the ballroom balcony, with Hollie taking their picture!  He's not brave enough to step on to the actual ballroom floor!!  I asked him if we should take a crash course in ballroom so we could have a waltz etc whilst we were there but he declined!  We did do salsa a while back, but sadly the class ended early and didn't start up again.  I'm determined to learn a bit of ballroom at some point!
 The above picture was taken en route to the lift which took us up the tower, it doesn't take you all the way to the top the highest you go is to 412feet.  This was so funny when we last did it was 8 years ago 11months after going up the Eiffel Tower in Paris, this was like the toy version lol!!! 
 This is the view of the Central Pier, you can just spot the South Pier and rollercoaster of the Pleasure Beach in the far distance.
 The highlight of our break, well mine anyway, was going to see Kyran Bracken's Ice Party we absolutely love watching Dancing on Ice so was very much looking forward to watching the show.  We wouldn't have even gone if it hadn't been for the mess up with the afor mentioned Tesco vouchers, as we found the tourist information office to find out how much the zoo was going to cost and this is where we saw the show advertised!!!!
Here are the girls waiting for the show to begin.
 The girls had their photo taken with Daniel Whiston and Hayley Tamadon this years Dancing on Ice champions, whilst we were waiting to collect it, we spotted Karen Barber, she is a judge on Dancing on Ice but she actually skates in the show, she really is a lovely lady!
 here we are with Daniel Whiston.
here is hubby and the girls with Hayley Tamadon, who is tiny!

and here's me looking awful! with Steven Cousins.  I had spotted a dishy chap on the ice right from the start of the show and when they mentioned Steven Cousins had choreographed the show and was then coming on to skate a solo I was thrilled, I remember having to watch ice skating championships and the winter olympics just to watch him skate when I was a youngest and thinking he was gorgeous!!  Here he was right in front of us!!! 
We asked Karen if he was coming out and she said that she would send him out, telling him that there were people waiting for him.  We waited a while and still no one, so asked a chappy from behind the scenes again if he were coming out, he went to look came back and said that he couldn't find him anywhere!!  After explaining that we couldn't wait much longer as we had a 4 hour journey ahead of us, he looked again and a couple of minutes later Steven appeared!!  coincidence?  I'm guess he wasn't coming out but we made him feel guilty lol!!!!
 you'll be pleased to know that this is the last photo and this is how we all felt for most of the break!!!!! 

 We were up at 6.30am each morning for 7am breakfast as we were told to get there early as it got packed out later on, after saying we would have an early night which never happened, we were to say the least knackered by the time we made it home!!
We went back to work today for a break lol!!!!! 

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Janette said...

What wonderful family pics, looks like you enjoyed your stay, gosh you packed alot in,you also made me realise just how much is right on my door step and I don't take advantage of it.....will have to go see that bay gorilla soon.....thanks for sharing.xx