Tuesday, 1 July 2008

3 challenges in 1 and another bag-a-lope!

Yes I've managed to complete some challenges, as my title says 3 in 1!
First is Tilda & Co. and this week they have a nice easy sketch to use!
Then there is Daring Card Makers which is to make a 'christmas' card!
and A Time to Craft are asking you to make something using 1 or all of the seasons, so I'm entering this as winter!

and here is another of my bags (which used to be an envelope) I think the name for these is a bag-a-lope! This has got to be my favourite so far, as I have a bit of a thing for flowers!! Inside the bag is a necklace and bracelet wrapped in tissue, which I have given to my sister for her birthday, along with a top and make-up set.

It's days like today that I wonder why I had children. It starts first thing with a struggle to get the girls out of bed and ready for school. We were late which is nothing new, only by a few minutes but Lillie had to run to catch the back of the line. Then I get Hollie into nursery who won't do anything or leave my side, so leave her in tears, she was fine as she was 'special person' today and showed the children pictures of our trip and the doggie hand bag she had got whilst we were away! We picked Lillie up and she commented on how nice Hollie looked in her dress then Hollie got in her way so she did something to her and made her cry! Tuesday is ballet/tap day so Lillie only gets about 20 minutes before she has to get ready for her lesson, this is also a big palava. I am 'bad' mum as my mum points out as I make her get ready herself and don't pussy foot around her and do it for her. She wouldn't get socks to wear with her shoes for ballet, she didn't want to wear her shoes, she didn't want to do tap, she wouldn't have her hairband changed... aarrggghhhh.....!!! She made a fuss all the way there and I nearly brought her straight home, but she said she would do ballet not tap, she came out in a good mood. I think we've worked out why she doesn't want to do tap, it's because most of them have tap shoes and those who don't wear school shoes, but I didn't want to buy her some for about a months wear, as the summer holidays are coming up they don't have lessons as it works with the school terms, and when they start back she'll no doubt have grown out of them!

Anyway enough whinging, got to go up and read the monsters a quick story and then back down to watch the new series of Ghost Whisperer oh I love that programme and aarrgghh it's already started!!


Lesley said...

Lovely card, thanks for taking part in the MTTC challenge this week xx

Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

What a gorgeous gift bag.. Love the beautiful huge bloom and the colour, Hugs, Nikki x

Dawne said...

gorgeous card xxx

Lim said...

WOW.. GOrgeous!!. I love your blog.
You have an award in my blog.

Mee said...

Great card, love that Tilda. Thanks for joining in with the MTTC challenge this week :o) Jo x

Phree said...

Love your Christmas Card.

Anonymous said...

wonderful card, great.

Bev said...

Fabulous winter card - that image is so sweet!

Kate T said...

Thanks for taking part Joanne, Love this Card, Tilda looks great!