Sunday, 20 July 2008

Last of the Thank you's!

Yes this is the final instalment, I promise, these are for the head teacher and her assistant, Lillie chose the blue bag for her favourite Mrs Todd! The elephant has a tea light in the top, I was going to put a little note around their necks saying 'elephants never forget and I will never forget you' but we thought that was a bit soppy!
The girls went to the seaside with my Uncle and his girlfriend today, it was the first time they had been out with them so none of us were sure how it would go. My uncle was unsure as to whether to take Hollie incase she played up and wanted me!! They had a lovely time, they went on some rides at the funfair and came home with new sunglasses!! It was a success and they have said they will have the girls and take them out again!
So Matthew and I went into town to get the paint for the new room. Naughty Matthew said about going to the chinese (that does the buffet) for lunch, I didn't need any persuading Lol..!! We got the paint, and bathroom accessories, some new cushions (just to dress the bed!) some summer clothes for the girls for next year in the sale and a couple of bits for christmas pressie's, so not a bad outing really!


LazyKay said...

You've been busy, I'm sure they will be appreciated.


Sally Bentham said...

They are all lovely, the teachers will love them.

LazyKay said...

Oh I don't think that was soppy, I'd have loved it if I was getting it.

Glad the children had a good day out and lovely that you got a treat too!