Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Been naughty!

With my trip to London tomorrow as mentioned in yesterday's post, I decided a trip into town was needed! So after dropping the girls of at school and nursery off I went. Really only went to get a suitcase to take my out-fits in, popped into New Look a shop I haven't been in for a long long time but saw the sale signs and just had to look lol!! I came out with 3 pairs of shoes (only really needed the 1 black pair and that wasn't a 'must' need!) and a new top! The lady on the till also gave me a free goodie bag (how nice!) just looked inside and there is a nail varnish and nail strenghtener, a dove shimmer lotion, a scarf and a book!
I then went to Peacocks and bought some pj's as Paula said she is taking nightwear as the studio has all different studio settings!
Then I finally bought my suitcase with I promptly filled with my goodies!!
Here's a piccie of my haul (minus the pj's I fogot!) look at those lovely shoes, all with heels makes a change for me I am normally in flatties!
Just made a quick spring card to give to Paula tomorrow to thank her for asking me to join her on what I think will be a great day! The bear has 4 layers which have been attached using 3d foam pads.


Andrea, said...

Fab spring card, love the teddy

debby4000 said...

Hope you have a great day. And your friend should love the little bear card.

LazyKay said...

Heels! Oh, sore feet but don't they look good eh?

Love your goodies - have a great time.

Beautiful card.


Kate T said...

Have a great time in London!!
I love your spoon full of sugar card.
take care,
Kate xxx :-)