Sunday 30 November 2008

Cards and gifts

These are some of the quick little cards I made to go in with the cards that I had made to go off to Great Ormond Street. I wanted to not only send a card for the child to write and give out, but also give them a card, these are 8.5 x 14.5 cm's I cut them to fit envelopes that I already hadthe cute toppers are actually half of a gift tag, I just cut the back bit that you write on off!! Then with the piece of card I cut off I made simple little little bookmarks to go inside the cards, so a little gift to! My auntie has just had a knee operation (a whole new knee) so I made this card for hershe's a qualified flower arranging demonstrator, so the flowers were perfect, they are 3d'd, I've actually had it made up for ages but never found the right way to use it, until then! After seeing Rach's wonderful gift bags I just had to have a go, this was my first attempt it has 5 cherry liquers chocolates inside (my all time favourites! actually out of a box I hadn't opened from my birthday, now I'm just going to have to finish them off!!), my auntie loved the card and didn't want to spoil the bag by opening it!

We had a major move around in our living room yesterday ready for the christmas tree etc to go up next weekend. We threw out a dustbin bag and carrier bag of old toys, cuddly's etc and a lot of the others have now been moved into the new playroom upstairs, only leaving a few bits for the girls to play with before all of the new things they will be getting for christmas. The room looks much nicer, looking forward to getting the tree up now.
Right must get the girls in the bath then find the advent calendars, we have material ones that you fill yourself and we've not even got them down from the loft yet!! So cannot believe tomorrow is the start of December, help!!

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Nikki Fairbairn said...

Gorgeous cards and bookmarks, Also love the card for your Auntie, We need one of those clear outs this week too ready for Christmas, Big Hugs, Nikki x