Monday 3 March 2008

Wow another award x3

How lucky did I feel yesterday when I had a quick look at my blog comments, and saw that I had been awarded the same 'you make my day award' from 3 people!!! Thank you soooo.... much to Kerry, Cazzy and Mandy you are all so very kind! Here is my award!

You are supposed to link this and pass it on to 5 people whose blogs inspire you, but there are sooo.... many people with these awards that I don't know who hasn't got one! So if you are on my links list on the left consider yourself awarded the 'you make my day' award to, that's why you are on my list anyways!!
I had a very nice Mother's Day yesterday, I was pounced on by the girls with cards and pressies, I had a 'yummy mummy' ha mug, apron and scrapbook that I had spotted and dropped very non-subtle hints for during the week!! Then whilst getting ready to go to Park Farm, Matthew yawned and streched then went scuttling into the bedroom swearing like a good un, he had put his back out, he hasn't done this for about 3 years. I said we needn't go to the farm but he insisted on it as it was what I wanted to do and he was totally p'd off for messing up the day, we had planned to go to the coast for lunch and maybe waste some money on the slot machines. I was happy I we got to feed a lamb that was all I really wanted to do, I just love them they are so cute, I would love one in the garden as a pet but they don't stay small do they!?! We called in at Tesco on the way back to mum and dad's and bought everything we needed to make a 3 course roast meal and took it to mum and dad's and had it cooking when they got home as a surprise (mum had been at work and dad at my sisters babysitting the boys).
To finish todays post I thought I would show you a couple of cards I actually made on Friday, this Sugar Nellie bunny is sooo... cute, the 2nd card was for the little girl whose party Lillie and Hollie went to on Saturday, they had a lovely time, we left them to play whilst we went into the restaurant and had a very nice bit of lunch!

I have today made my first card for the Tilda Magnolia challenge blog but I will post that on here tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Oh what cute cards and beautifully co-ordinated.


Han said...

Gorgeous cards xx