Friday 21 March 2008

No cards made yesterday, was pretty busy what with school presentation assembly, doctors appointment, hair appointment (tidy up and colour!) by the time I got home it was time to pick Lillie up again!! She came home with all sorts of easter goodies, things they had made, eggs they had found doing a hunt in the woodland area, gifts from various people, she had a bag full!! We had also had a big sort out of the baby bits we had and got them all cleaned up and loaded into the van ready to take up to the shop, it sells both new and second hand childrens items, from clothes to furniture to toys etc. We took loads of stuff, if it sells she works on a 50:50 scheme which is a damn site better than peanuts from a car boot sale! She has moved into a bigger shop in the middle of town and opens again tomorrow, so we are crossing everthing for some sales!!

Today we went into town as they were having a scavenger hunt around the shops(you got a letter which corresponded with a letter, each shop had a clue for which shop to visit next, the letters spelt out a word), I went into the shop to get a playing card and she asked if we would test it for her as she thought she had a number clue in the wrong shop!!! She told Hollie she could have an easter cake for helping!! It was quite fun and quite testing as a few of the shops were closed and their clues and no.s must have been inside!! When we got back we sorted out the letters, yes one was wrong and we all got an easter cake!!! Hopefully it will be too cold for people to take part tomorrow and we might be lucky enough to win a prize LOL...!!!

So only made the 1 card today and yep it's yet another easter card, this one is for mum and dad who popped in to see the new piggies, well and the girls and us !! They brought the girls 'some' of their easter presents, clothes, egg, lollies etc! Then my old boss, now Matthew's popped round with an egg for them, bless him he says he'll never have any grandchildren to buy for.

Can you believe it NO stamping!!!!! Need to give hubby a swift reminder that I am still waiting for blocks for my new stamps!


Anonymous said...

Eh what a good idea to have a hunt in the shops! The traders have had an inspiration there for getting people through the door and fun for those who take part as well.

Gorgeous card - just what we need this dull weather.

Cazzy said...

It sounds like you and your family have been busy doing lots of hunting!

Nice card btw, my fav flower design!

Hope you sell your baby bits!