Tuesday 11 March 2008

Another day another card! This time just for the fun of it, no challenges, no blog candy, just because I wanted to haha....!

That's about it for today really, we had to go out to the doctors again this morning, Matthew's back isn't so bad but he is now getting really bad sinus head aches, so he spoke to the doctor first thing and had to pick up yet another prescription. This time the doctor said that if it happens again they might put him in the hands of the eye, nose, eyes department at the hospital, at last, that's what we've been saying for ages. Whilst we were out we popped into a little shop in town that sells 2nd hand childrens items (clothes, toys, furniture etc) we have 3 pieces of nursery furniture that is taking up space which we don't want anymore as we bought new bigger ones, we offered it to a couple of friends who are expecting but they only have room for a cot! so the lady jumped at the chance of having them in the shop (she sells them 50/50) and says they will sell well, we also mentioned a few others bits and she said yes take them to the shop, she is moving to bigger premises next week so we'll take them then and fingers crossed we'll get a few pennies/pounds. We also had a builder round he is going to price up the extension for us (4th bedroom, en-suite with walk in wardrobe) he says it should take about 3/4 days to put it up to roof height and within 2weeks up with the roof on, he also said he thinks he can start it in about 6 weeks, yikes we thought nearer July/August but it doesn't really matter.


tracie said...

Wow pretty card, I love doing cards just for fun too :-)x

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

lovely colours again...I just love cards which are so vibrant

stampingbalou said...

I love your sugar nellie´s so much - great card again !

Hugs from Heike

(and I sent you an email)