Sunday 30 March 2008

No cards but a cake!! and pigs!!

If you have visited my blog before you will notice that I have had a bit of a change to my layout, colours etc, I have wanted a blog header for ages but couldn't get anything up on my last layout it kept putting it on the side. So after finding a header that looked ok (a free one!) this is how it's ended up, I know there are lots of lovely headers on blogs but I didn't want to spend any money (too many other things I can spend it on!) and I'm not technically minded. Still I think this looks ok until I decide to have another fiddle!

Well a whole weekend has gone by and not one card made, but (tut tut slap my wrist) I have written 3 shop bought cards!!!!!
My auntie asked me a few weeks ago if I would make a formula 1 car cake for my cousins birthday, he is 30 today. I thought the particular cake she had chosen from a book I lent another cousin was a bit young, so made the following cake yesterday morning

I have made this particular cake before so it didn't take me long at all! My auntie and uncle were impressed who knows what David will think! I saw him this morning he was a little bit on the delicate side as he had been out on the town yesterday, they started at lunch time!!

I've had the guinnea pigs posing this afternoon, this first picture is of Treacle's 5 little piggies who are 3 weeks old The little one on the left is still tiny (he was the runt) him and the black one are my faves and are going know where! The following picture is of Candy's 5 little piggies who are 2 weeks old, baby Stripes 2nd left is my fave of this group again he is going know where!

Finally this picture is not so much the 'Three Degrees' but the 'Three Piggie's'They are all normally smooth coated like the one on the right but mummy/Poppie had just brushed past them and ruffled their fur up! Here she is doing a 'You looking at me' pose!I love this picture to bits, Poppie looks soooo.... funny but cute at the same time, I may not be able to let any of these little ones go!!!
Matthew nearly caused me to have a heart attack on Thursday night when he took the boys (more pigs) teas out he came banging on the kitchen window, to which I knew something was up. When I went out he said Potter (dad to the 3 and first set of 5 piggies oh and the 2 my nephews have!) was missing, his cage door was open and he wasn't there, thoughts of horror went through my mind he had either died falling from 3 cages up, or had landed ok but been beaten to a mush by the 3 boys who have the main part of the shed. Once we had gotten a light rigged up to our amazement he seemed to be fine and was with the 3 boys in the bottom run, Matthew said he was ok and could stay with them but I said no, he may not have been with them for long enough for them to get angry with him, and we may have found something nasty the next day. He is now happily in his own home again!!
Pets heh who'd have them!?!!

Oh and before I go Nikki/Tink has a lovely lot of blog candy on offer on her blog (link on the right) to celebrate her 15,000 hits, so pop on over and take a look.


My Paper World said...

The header looks great Joanne!
I havent been brave enough to change mine yet!
The cake is fantastic! and the pics of the piggies are adorable! xx

Anonymous said...

oh can you not just send me some of these cute piggies in a parcel ???
they are sooo cute

and if you already send a parcel , make it big and squeeze one of these cakes in


Sally said...

Great Blog I hope mine looks as good as this eventually