Tuesday 18 March 2008

Made a few easter cards today, made this first one using the sketch from 'My Paper World' again, I like this one more so than the one I made a few days ago.

Then I made 3 others, this is me done now for easter, I think!! These work in very well for the Daring Card Makers mid week challenge, all you had to do was make something with the easter theme, so ta..da.. 3 cards!!!

So what have we missed, Sunday we said bye bye to 2 of our baby piggies, these 2 little cuties are now living with our nephews (boy do I feel sorry for them) bless them we took them over to mum and dad's on Sunday as sis and the boys were coming over, and they would leave them alone, no sooner had they put them back in the cage than they had got them out again, and of course the girls wanted to hold them to!! We had a fab surprise when we got home though, as I peeked through the glass in the door to check on our 2 pregnant piggies I spotted something white in Candy's cage and yes she had given birth to these 5 dear little piggies

They are are all a decent size and full of life. Treacle's little 5 little one's which were born just over a week ago are doing great and the teeny tiny runt is doing brill (after all of the upset with losing so many of our last piggies we were sure it wouldn't survive, but it has pushed his way in for milk from the start and she really looks after it well). So we just have Poppie left to deliver now, she's not as big as she has been before so we are only expecting a small litter this time but only time will tell.

With Matthew still off work (been to the doctors for an MOT tonight and has been given another certificate for 10days!) we decided to take Hollie to the farm to see the lambs as it's going to be busy at the weekend, but that plan didn't materialize as when Matthew called the builder he said they will start our extension in 3 weeks time!!! So we went round getting a few prices for things like windows, scaffolding etc, We had also reserved things at Fakenham argos so had to go and collect them, there is a kinnerton chocolate factory in the town and they have a shop so we popped in their and bought a few bits for the easter egg hunt that the children have at mum and dad's at the weekend, we can only hope for a dry day otherwise who knows where we will hide everything indoors!

Today apart from making the above cards, and a quick trip into town (mainly to take part in a competition in the local store, you picked up a blank cheque and could write 1 item up to the value of £1000 on it and it goes into the draw which takes place on local radio on Thursday) we chose a high sleeper bed with table and futon underneath worth £899 (we would never ever dream of spending that sort of money!!) it would go lovely in the girls room!! But heh we'll never be that lucky.

Right, I have been lucky enough to receive 2 lovely PIF's (pass/play it forward) recently, thank you Jilli and Tara (I will show pictures tomorrow) so this means the first 6 lucky readers to leave a comment will receive a PIF package from myself. To take part you have to have a blog of your own as you will then pass on PIF candy to the first 3 to comment on your blog! Make sense mmmm.......?! good luck!


Sandy said...

Wow what a bunch of cute cards. Really lovely work. So pretty.

Gina said...

All very cute Easter cards! I especially love the long one. :O)

stampingbalou said...

Very gordeous easter cards - love them all - and your chosen colours fit perfectly !!! yours, Heike ;o)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cards and love the photo!


simplyfairies said...

Fabulous cards, and what cute ickle furry freinds they look.....

My Paper World said...

I LOVE it Joanne! It looks fab in the funky colours! In fact ALL of your cards are supercute (and of course your sweet piggies are rather gorgeous too!)
Thanks so much for using the sketch again!
Nicola xx

Rosanne said...

Very, very cute easter cards, love those stamps.

Susan Hurley-Luke said...

Such cute cards! You have made them so bright and cheerful and spring-like.

And it's great to have an update on the little piggys.

All the best with your plans!