Monday 24 March 2008

Easter piggies!

Not easter bunnies or easter chicks we had easter piggies!!! Our last pregnant piggie Poppie gave birth to 4 little ones some time before we got up this morning. Sadly 1 didn't survive but the other 3 are doing just fine, 1 is just like mummy and the other 2 have slightly darker patches like their daddy!with mummy

That brings our total to 22, it's going to be hard to let them go but we can't really keep all of them we'd need a seperate shopping trolley for their veg!!! I've picked out my favourites!!!

Well the girls got the usual far too many easter eggs plus clothes, books, games. We woke up yesterday (easter sunday) and everywhere was white! I love it when it looks like that, but boy did it melt and disappear quick! Matthew did manage to get a quick snowman built on the front lawn, he has just about crumbled now and looking a bit sorry for himself! We went to mum and dad's for a lovely turkey roast with prawn cocktail starter and I had made a fresh cream, strawberry and rapberry pavalova for dessert, it was the size of my largest tin and it didn't last long with the girls each having 2 helpings!! The boys weren't there for long as Jordan had a party at 1pm so they had to leave for that, but we did fit in a few games before they left, we had made a pass the parcel up, and then hid a few eggs then they played a game with those. We didn't leave until about 8pm as we watched the Wizard of Oz then Ice Age, we timed it just right though as they had just pulled a lorry out of the ditch which was there when we went in the morning, they must've shut the road off to do it, the policeman looked a bit puzzled when we drove past!!!

Saturday morning I couldn't lie in bed any longer so I had a look through my most recent craft mags and saw a couple of ideas for cards that the girls could make, they so love to get the craft stash out, just like me!! I saw the easter bunny in the basket idea in the Papercraft inspirations mag it was actually an advert for another mag! so I cut out all of the many components so that Lillie (5) could make some, then on the facing page was an egg shaped card so I cut some of those out for Hollie (3) to decorate with some freebie paper from a recent issue of Quick cards made Easy. With a little help these are the cards they made, I think they did a brilliant job, especially Lillie who only had help with the first card (pink 1) then did the other 2 herself! I have just emailed a couple of piccies of them to QCME so fingers crossed they will like them as much as we do and my letter and their piccies will appear on the letters page in a future issue, 'star letter' would be brilliant £35 of goodies, but we are not that lucky!!

Matthew has cut the blocks for my new nellie stamps and they are stuck and ready to go, so there will be some new cards soon. But I really need to make several baby cards so I can put them in the shop with my other cards as she has requested childrens cards up to about 5, thought I would maybe do some christening ones to. Oh and my friend sent a text today asking for me to make her a card for her son and also said that some of our big items we took to the shop have already sold, the exciting bit now is wondering how much she got for them!!


Momiji said...

thanks for sharing the pics of the guinea pigs..brings back memories for bek of hers.
and love the kids cards !

Anonymous said...

well done kids...great cards !!!

andwhat cutepieggies many have u got now ???

have left something for you on my Blog by the way ;O)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful array - well done!