Wednesday 3 October 2007

Finally got to playgroup this morning with my friend and her little boy, we've been meaning to go since school started back, but for the past three weeks one or other of us has had something else on! Hollie is being a cling on at the moment, I don't know why she even acts daft when I tell her to go in when we go to mum and dad's. They had a nice time playing with the play dough, and they made 'fish' out of paper plates colouring them in and sticking on googly eyes (I will pop a pic on if I remember to take one and load it up). It was also nice to catch up with Mandy even though we visited them last week it was only a quick one though.
When I picked Lillie up from school today the teacher said "hold on Lillie I just want to have a word with your mum" I started to think uh oh what has she done wrong, has she been swearing or back chatting? Oh no, they didn't know what Lillie had done with her coat! They think she took it off when they went over to the library over at the other school (accross the school field) and left it there, even though she was told to keep it on. That wasn't it though she has also lost her bl**dy cardigan! She came out of school without it the other day and we had to go back for it luckily it was in her draw, this time not so. I told her time and time again to kkep it on, but I might as well talk to the guinnea pigs!!
I've started cutting the bits for my cards, it's not going to take too long once I work out all of the measurements. I placed an order with imag-e-nation for a load of bits, and also 2 lots of sqaure envelopes off of ebay I just hope they get here, what with the postal strikes again there's no telling. I have everything crossed!

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