Monday 15 October 2007

Mcfly here we come!!! Well in a while anyway!!

Yes that day has finally arrived, I remember sitting on the beach when Paula sent me a text telling me that Mcfly were at Ipswich again. asking if I wanted to go, daft question!! Just given the car a bit of a muck out inside, omg it was soooo.... messy. All I need to do now is sort my bag and get myself ready, not going until 3.30pm so got a while yet. Hopefully we will beat a lot of the traffic, we have already decided to go to the same pub we went to last time and have a bite to eat to kill a bit of time. The theatre is seated so there's no need to rush to get in the 'massive' queue. I have promised Lillie I will bring her something back, and asked her to be a good brave girl at lunch time. I spoke to the teacher and asked if she could make it possible for her to sit with the girls, as she seems to always end up with the boys, Harry in particular and he has 'smelly crisps and burps a lot!' I do hope this works and she feels more comfortable, we've also promised her a new game for her nintendo if she has a good week.
Here is a piccie I took in April when we last saw the boys! aaahhh... the lovely Danny!
Not a too bad a pic considering we were upstairs about 6 rows back!!!

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