Friday 5 October 2007

A quick one tonight.
I managed to make 4 different christmas cards today, 3 of which were inspired by the free book that came with yesterdays mag, 1 for a JB challenge and the other just playing with a die I have been lent.
Nothing else to really say today.
These 1st 3 are using ideas from the book, the 3rd has no greeting as it can be used for many occassions (well female that is!)

This is my 1st attempt at 'blocking' it is for a JB challenge, I struggled with it at 1st and nearly gave up, but am actually quite pleased with the finished article.

This is using the bauble die, lent to me from a very lovely lady over on the CM&PC forum, I am awaiting a parcel of blue/green/red and gold holographic card so I can cut out a load more before I have to return them. Will hang on until the current postal strike is over as I don't want them getting lost in the system. Bless her Hollie is getting a dab hand at helping me with the cuttlebug she places the card on top of the dies, and puts the plate on top! I told her she would have to show daddy how to use it, as I could do with him cutting me loads of the shapes whilst I get on with something eilse, especially now I am thinking of doing this for the demo. Oh I just can't decide on card no.2.


Angelswings_2 said...

I love the 'blocking' card, its very special, Would love to have a go but don't have any idea on what to do!

lindschick said...

Great cards, the blocking one is lovely, also love the beads one.