Friday 26 October 2007

Ooppss.. didn't realise it had been so many days since I last wrote, so catch up time.
Tuesday we met Mandy and the boys at Brewsters so the children could play together and then we had a meal, it was ok but never all that special.
Wednesday was my 35th birthday. We had a mad morning 1st thing as Matthew went and had a hair cut, it was 2nd time lucky, as he went round there at 8am and they didn't open til 9am, it looks so much better, but his hair grows and grows so quickly it's annoying! Claire and the boys turned up with another guinnea pig, it was my birthday present, he's called 'stripes' and he's very cute his coat feels so soft almost velvety!
We took the children to where Hollie goes to playgroup as the photographer was going to be there, and I wanted the girls done, last years photo was beautiful, also wanted the girls and boys taken together. Mum had mentioned it a while back as the last time they had a proper photo taken Hollie was a baby, she doesn't know about this so hopefully we can get a good one framed and then it will be mum and dad's christmas present from the grandchildren.
We then dropped the girls off at mum and dads and headed off to Norwich to do some birthday shopping (was going to be christmas as well but no time this time!). We went to the Range on the outskirts of the city and OMG we were in there 2hours and spent a fortune. I usual want loads but buy little as I don't like to spend out too much all at once, Matthew said he would buy me what I wanted for my birthday but I said I didn't really want that sort of thing, then he reminded me of the money I made from my recent card demonstration and that was it I was off, this is most (not all) of what I got

We then headed off into the city, we didn't have time to go all over but I managed to get the girls and myself a piece of jewelery with the money we had when Nan passed away, I wanted to buy something as a momento (not that we need anything to remeber her by). I also got a pair of boots, 2 tops, a pair of trousers, 2 handbags, more costume jewelery, more bits for my crafting oh the list goes on!!!

We finished off the day with a meal at Pedro's which was fabulous as always. When we got back to pick the girls up Lillie was asleep, she had been poorly since 4pm, bad head and sickness. she had a bit of an unsettled night, was still a bit off in the morning but ate some lunch and was better by mid afternoon. By that time I had a killer of a headache myself but thankfully that went with pills.

Yesterday was a bit of a non day we didn't do anything of any excitement.

Today a bit like yesterday, but I have had a bit of an atc making session, I owed a few and got carried away!

I think we are losing our smallest of the baby pigs, I have been hand feeding it since the weekend, sis bought some proper animal milk which I am giving it but today the poor thing is looking so weak. I was so conviced it was going to die this afternoon that I got it out and held it, I was in tears just waiting for it to end, then it perked up a bit and had some milk. The same thing happened at tea time. It will be feeding time again soon. Better bath the girls and get them into bed first.

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Angelswings_2 said...

Wow.... I love stripes, so sweet!

You are lucky to have such a lovely shopping spree.

I love all the ATC's you made... some stunning work