Tuesday 2 October 2007

Woke up this morning with a banging head ache, think it was a stress head as I went to bed in a bit of a bad mood, due to a disagreement with Matthew. For some reason I managed to get a lot more crafting done today so maybe the bad head helped?
We were invited to stay at school for a while this morning to see how they teach the children, it was very good. But boy to they expect them to do an awful lot, but it must be working as Lillie is actively looking for her sight words in books and on the tele. Bless her I was looking at her sitting amongst all of the other children she is so pale she looks ill, unfortunalely she inhereted my pale genes!
Well I had the shock of my life when I had a phonecall this afternoon telling me the demonstration I am doing is actually next week and not the week after! Good job I got Auntie Wendy to ask, she couldn't phone me herself as it was her that had told me the wrong date in the first place! She has offered to help if I need her to. After my initial panic and shock, I have decided on the 2nd card (picture below) the topper will vary as I have a variety of mini postcards but the style will be the same. I will also get Auntie Wendy to come along and be my 'assistant' as her punishment LOL she can help them if they get in a muddle, as I won't be able to sort 17-22 women out on my own. They have invited us to join them for lunch to, some that will be nice.
Here are pictures of todays makes :

These atc's are for the xmas swap on CM&PC forumThese snowmen atc's are for the snowmen/women swap on CM&PC forumThese are so easy to make using gift tags and a brad so they swing!The above 3 are using similar styles of paper layering, the toppers are stickers all bought in the sales!This is a card I have made and really really like using a template from the Just Bex forum. I have decided this style will be my 2nd card for the demo next week.

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Angelswings_2 said...

Loving all your christmas card design's... You have been a busy girl!