Tuesday 30 October 2007

Wow wow wow how excited was I last night when I checked the Just Bex forum to see who had won the big challenges, and saw MY name!!!! I couldn't stop smiling! I had won the blooms challenge, only by luck, it was a lucky dip, but heh ho, my prize it's lots of delicious flowers various sizes and colours, oh I can't wait to receive them I am thoroughly hooked on putting flowers on my cards at the moment!
I have had a fab card making day today, I have made 17 in total, I amazed myself! These are birthday and christmas, and I have been using several of my new papers that I bought on my birthday, I will post some pictures tonight others tomorrow.
Lillie had ballet today, made a fuss as usual about getting ready to go but when I picked her up Michelle her teacher said she had been a fabulous help and a brilliant leader, and has therefore been given the leader roll for her classes dances in the show! I was sooo... chuffed, she is following in my footsteps, I loved/love to dance, I used to get the lead dance parts in the village pantomines and was once scare-ely given a solo which I dreaded but actually loved! This is why I am trying to encourage Lillie by sending her to ballet classes as I never had the oportunity when I was younger. I would also like her to take piano lessons as that is something I wish I had of done (mind you I'm sure if mum and dad had of suggested it I would have said 'no thanks' at the time).
I will have to blog earlier for the next couple of weeks as I have just caught the end of 'Celebrity scissor hands' I loved it last year, and Ben who played 'Stingray' in Neighbours is doing it and I think he is a cutie (mind you he could do with having a hair cut himself!) I guess thinking about it he has a resemblance to Danny from Mcfly, mmmm......!

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