Friday 12 October 2007

It's been a bit of an odd day.
It started this morning as when I we got to school one of Lillie's teachers (who adores Lillie) told me that yesterday was the first time she had seen her cry. Aparantly she had been given a bop on the nose by another girl (who I've since found out is one of her friends from nursery) and it really did make her cry. This then played on my mind all day, so I decided to have a word with the teacher again when I picked Lillie up. Lillie has been saying she doesn't want to go to school anymore she wants to go back to nursery, and that she doesn't want packed lunch, thing is she won't eat a lot of the cooked meal if we paid for that. So I asked if she was getting on ok and she said yes she was doing really well, and is usually full of beans, until it comes to lunch time? She explained that for some children it is a bit daunting and some still don't like it in the older years. She suggested maybe let her choose a hot dinner she may like have a day or 2 a week or to help do her packing up, I said I didn't want to start having her home for lunch and she suggested not to as if we do it now it will be a bigger problem later down the line. As for her learning there is no problems at all she is doing really well. I have asked her why she doesn't like lunch time and she says there is sometimes no space to sit with who she wants to, she wants to sit with the girls and ends up with the boys, and at play time some of the girls she wants to play with don't want her to join in. I hope it settles soon as I don't want her to be unhappy. I can remember my 1st day but then not much after that for a while, I had a good group of friends, we went to a village school and socialized together, then we moved up to high school and were still together, and now my best friend from my school days has moved into town so we're together again. It's not like that now, we live in town and the children are all spread out, but a teacher in nursery said they don't really form proper friends not at this early age that happens when they are a bit older. Out of my group of friends I was quiet and had a couple of girls in one of my classes pick on me a bit, not nasty, but would throw screwed up paper etc at me, and I never had the bottle to say anything my friend did. Unfortunately I think Lillie is going to be like that, bless her.
On a lighter note the postie delivered my Quick Cards made easy mag which my bookatrix card appears in, it's not a bad little piece!! Have a feeling I will be getting some more silk cards boohoo typical the prizes are good this month! Still should be happy to get published and get anything at all!!!
Apart from that I haven't been able to muster the will to do a lot, I've caught up on the CM&PC forum had a look on JB and some other sites but that's it. I have managed to make a few atc's that I owe for swaps, I may have to keep the halloween one as I love it!!!
Got to do the shopping tonight as Matthew is working all weekend, so may have to cheer myself up with a chinese or kebab for tea!!
Todays atc's
The 2 following pics are of the bookmark I made for the swap on CM&PC forum, I only made one as I struggled to come up with ideas.

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Angelswings_2 said...

I have just caught up with all your news etc. I realised you have been having trouble with Lillie like I have been having trouble with Taylor.... Its a worry when they say they don't want to go to school.