Monday 10 March 2008

Couple of challenge cards

The first card I made today was using the sketch over at My Paper World (see link on the left) I like the sketch but just couldn't come up with anything decent, so this is my rather feeble attempt
I've had more success with my card for the Magnolia challenge, you had to make a male themed creation, I only have a couple of male images from a swap I did a while back, I must buy some of these but most places are constantly sold out and there is such a big selection to choose from! I also made a couple of atc's, I owed one and the other will go into my envelope ready for my next swap! I really like these images from Pink Petticoat you get one set of images with an easter greeting and another without, I am going to make some more of these as I think they are quite sweet!

We started the day with great excitement, Treacle our very pregnant guinnea pig had had her babies, she has 5 of the little beauties, they are soooo....... sweet!!! We have black again ? It fascinates me as our piggies are brown and white, Treacle is a gingery brown with a white tuft on her head. 3 of the babies are like her although 2 of them have a white stripe aswell as the tuft, 1 is black and brown, and the little runt oh it's tiny (I so hope it survives it's beautiful!) it is 2 tone brown like a dalmation!! Here they are with mum

Yesterday with the in-laws went well, we over filled them with lunch LOL...! They wanted to nod off in the afternoon but the girls wouldn't let them! Adam, Joy and the children arrived late afternoon, Rebecca was fascinated with the guinnea pigs and kept going in and out of the hall to see them. The girls enjoyed having them here, and this morning Lillie told us that she enjoyed her day yesterday!!!


My Paper World said...

Well, I think that it turned out supercute and pretty! I LOVE the cute download and the funky colours! All of your other creations are fab too!
Thanks so much for joining in, I will link up to your card in my new post tommorow.
Nicola xx

Andrea, said...

Fab cards and ATcs. thats a lot of guinea pigs

Anonymous said...

the piggys are so your new cards aswell especially like the Atcs

Anonymous said...

Love the cards, all of them.

Love the babes too.

Glad your meal with our family went well.


Kate T said...

love all your work!!

LISA said...

lovely cards, think you rocked nicolas sketch!!!

debby4000 said...

Great card and ATC, but the cute baby guineas steal the day.

Susan Hurley-Luke said...

You made some super cheery cards and ATCs! The guinea pigs are adorable too - maybe someone should make guinea pig stamps? lol!

tracie said...

gorgeous cards, I love them all. And wow cute guinea pigs :-)x