Thursday 1 November 2007

I must stop going shopping!! I am spending WAY too much money at the moment! Some of it christmas presents, some bits I want to work with for the craft fair, stuff for my cards, stuff for my latest venture into jewelery making and not forgetting clothes!
Mum and dad came over today after Lillie had gone to school, so off we went shopping. The buggy was loaded up with shopping and so were we! Hollie is excited we managed to get her a halloween outfit reduced ready for next year (she will be a spider!) I had bought a couple of hats with spiders on top out of Poundland and then went into Asda and found a spider costume that matches it perfectly.
After school yesterday the children put on their witches outfits and we visited my 2 aunties and mum and dad who all gave them lots of treats. When we got home, we were greeted by Matthew in his halloween mask, and off we went just round the estate near to where our house is. The girls were a bit hesitant at knocking on the doors but soon got into it and really enjoyed themselves, they came home and emptied their bags onto the floor and were really excited with all of the sweets and treats they had been given. Lillie keeps asking today when will it be time to go trick or treating again!!!
I had an email from Cath from the CM&PC forum in regards to the email I sent her by request for the new years resolutions, she said she loved it it was exactly what she was after and would send me a copy of the magazine when it's done, how exciting!
No time now to add the remainder of the pictures of the other days card marathon, maybe I'll get time to add them tomorrow. It will have to be an early post as I am off to 'bingo' with mum in the evening, she rang a while ago and said it's a big prize one and the prizes are really good this time with it being a christmas one. I won't win anything, but it'll be a night out if nothing else.

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