Wednesday, 2 January 2008

After not feeling at all crafty this morning I finally managed to get a couple of cards made, this one is for a friend from the card making a papercraft forum who has recently been involved in an accident

this one is for my cousins little boy who turns 2 next week, he is mad on tractors, so thought this Hamish stamp was just perfect. I haven't really stamped before, I tried it and didn't really take to it, but there are so many lovely images that I felt I must give it a go. Matthew bought me some water colour pencils for christmas, I have coloured the image with them but only in pencil form as I couldn't be bothered to find a paint brush and the other bits required, I'll play more when I get more time!

I don't know what we are going to do with Lillie she is playing up during the night, I thought we had got past all of this and since sharing a room with Hollie and having the tv/dvd they had been fine. But for the past week or so each night Lillie wakes up calling one of us for kisses and cuddles, it makes us sooo.... mad, then she call because she wants to be covered up, or wants the loo, or wants the light on aaarrgghhhh.......! I so hope going back to school will tire her to the point where she needs the sleep, I get so mad with her, Matthew has more patience but it's so hard for him as he is up so early for work (hgv driving isn't good with not a lot of sleep). We will see what tonight brings.

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Angelswings_2 said...

I love your Hamish Card Joanne, I wonder why lol!!!

I hope things settle with Lillie, we are going through a simular thing with Hannah!