Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Quick post tonight, just thought I would show you my first ever efforts at watercolouring!
I'm THRILLED with the way they have turned out, I can't wait to turn them into cards but run out of time, what with school runs, ballet runs and a trip to the bank and shops (can't believe I run my phone out of credit!!! I only use it to text!). I must admit I copied the colours and shading from the Happy Stampers website where they sell the penny black stamps, they show the images in colour, if I hadn't had that as I guide I wouldn't have known where to start! I have had very good comments from the girls on the forum which is always good! I don't actually have these stamps (can't afford too many!) I purchased 39 ready stamped images, so there are more to come!!!!

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LazyKay said...

You are SO neat - what lovely colouring.