Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Happy Birthday Lillie, well what's left of it!!!!
Bless her she didn't open a single present she was given from her friends at her party, or any other present until after school this afternoon. And boy did she have enough!? She has had some lovely bits, lots of make-up, jewels, purses, bags, pencils, pens, notebooks (already got my eye on a couple of those for altering). She is now crying her eyes out and making a load of fuss because we've told her she's not having the make-up undone, as it's nearly bed-time!
No crafting done today, well Hollie did do a doily picture at playgroup this morning, will show you tomorrow if I remember.
Being called at to play a quick game of 'Where's Tinkerbell' so better go before he just comes and turns the computer off!

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