Monday, 14 January 2008

Today has been a bit hectic! We took Lillie to school as normal, but collected her at lunch time as I wanted her to have a cooked lunch because she was going on a school trip after school and they were having packed 'lunch' teas! They went to a wildlife reserve (I think) to see the flight of the swans and then see them being fed, amongst other things! From what she has told us they had a good time, they didn't get back to school until 7pm, the teachers have said they can have an easy day tomorrow as they are sure they will be tired!! Not Lillie, our kids are used to being out late and up late! She also has ballet tomorrow at the 'big' school not sure until tomorrow if they will be able to practice on the stage but at least the hall is bigger if not.
Anyway this morning whilst Lillie was at school I got my jewelery making bits out and made the following 2 bracelets, Matthew keeps nagging that I should be making the jewelery as that's going to make me some money!! I really should make a lot more as my friend has offered to display/sell some for me in her hairdressers, she'll start to think I have forgotten, I am in dire need of a trim so better get moving!!

After we took Lillie back to school, we picked mum and dad up and went shopping. Picked up a bargain pressie for my nephew a transformers pc (laptop game thing) 75% off! Bought myself a pair of pj's and a nightie for lounging around the house in the evenings, oh and a handbag!!! Got Matthew a zip up hoodie top which he says is great and I should've got him a couple more of!!! Trouble with him is he has broad shoulders which make a lot of sleeves in tops too short, he also has a long body and a lot of tops are quite short then he gets a chill in his back. Shoes/trainers are the worst he's a size 12 but I have successfully found nice reasonably priced ones in Tesco's just hope they keep stocking them!
I also got Lillie a dressing up dress with accessories, maybe not a neccessity but the clothes in the dressing up box are now more Hollie size and she hadn't got anything in case she is invited to a fancy dress or themed party. Last year her friend Lily had a princess and pirate party and Lillie's dress only just fitted bless her! I will wrap it and she can have it as an extra birthday present. Bless her she didn't open a single 1 of the presents her friends gave her on Saturday, so she'll have lots to open on Wednesday after school as no doubt she'll have no time beforehand! It's hard to believe she is already 5, how time flies!
Finally another piccie another card (yes, another nellie!!) made this yesterday afternoon

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