Wednesday, 30 January 2008

More watercolouring today, I only did 3 images and 1 of those took 45 minutes!!! I also made 2 cards using my painted images
not sure I like the chick card, but I really do like the hedgehog I've had those sunflowers for absolutely ages!

Having a few problems with Lillie and school again at the moment, this morning she didn't want to go! I'm not the most patient of people, I used to be, before kids!! Why can't my children be nice little things and do as they are told/asked without making my blood boil?? Any how I had had enough this morning so phoned Matthew told him to talk to her, they listen to him (sometimes) she said there is a boy who keeps pushing her over on purpose at playtime and when she tries to go and tell a teacher he stands in the way and won't let her go. So she got ready and I had a word with her teacher and she had a word with Lillie, explained to her what to do if it happens again, and said she would keep an eye open for it! She always comes out of school quite happy. She is going to be like me, I had my cirlce of friends and although spoke to and got on with others, my close friends were and some still are close. I wasn't really picked on but on occassion I had things thrown at me in class and I wouldn't even turn round to look at them let alone confront them. Matthew said he was the same, you wouldn't think it looking at him now at 6ft 4 1/2"!
I hope it settles for her and if it happens again a few tellings off may stop it?

Good news! My sister rang earlier today a friend who she works with was wearing the jewelery that sis had given her for christmas, that I made! She can't wear a lot of earrings as they make her ears go funny and lumpy, but she loved the ones I had made and wants some more in all different colours!! Fabby and I don't need to make any either as I made loads for the fair we did at christmas and still have quite a few pairs left!
Finally I've been meaning to post this picture since hubby took it on Saturday evening (set him out in the cold!), the sky looked soooo... pretty, it was a lot brighter when I first spotted it out of the window, but after he dillied and dallied it had started to fade a bit!


LazyKay said...

Gosh, how cute are those cards - great work.

Excellent photo - very atmospheric. Scenes like this make me wish I could paint.


Angelswings_2 said...

These are great, such lovely paint work!