Thursday, 24 January 2008

Yeah yip yip yippee I sold my 'ultimate crafters companion' last night (I aquired 2) there has been a thread running still is for this month for craft sales on the CM&PC forum aarrgghhh... my blooming links are still not coming up right. Anyway the companion was just sitting in the porch gathering dust so thought I would put it on see if there was any interest, next time I looked I had had a 'pm' and it was sold, Result!! I am really pleased because Sugar Nellies are bringing out some new stamps and they are fabby, this means I can have a few!!
No crafting done today, sat here wanting to, but just no enthusiasm for it again. So here is a card I made yesterday for sis and bro-in-law they moved house today,
Matthew was supposed to help them move as his van would've been a great help, but when Hollie and I got home from playgroup yesterday his van was in the yard, he was home ill. He has a cold, aaahhh bless him I hear you say, but he could cope with that it's his head that's driving him crazy, he suffers with his sinus's so he called the doctor and he wrote him a prescription for antibiotics.
Hollie and I went up town with him, he had to collect his pills from Boots so we thought we'd pop into Icelands and the building society (ended up opening a new a/c and transferring some money over from the a/c we have as the interest is better, also paid in the girls birthday and christmas money). I was a bit peeved when we got home as the postie had left a card saying I had a parcel (too big for the letter box) to be collected but have to wait until tomorrow gggrrr.... the only thing I think it can be are my Bella stamps I ordered a couple of days ago, that or I've won something, how fab would that be!?!
Now off to chill with the family, that or tear my hair out trying to get the girls to tidy their toys away!

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