Thursday, 3 January 2008

Something very spooky happened last night after I posted on here! I went onto the forum and put up a new post showing my Hamish card, only to get a personal message from my forum friend Kerry saying she had just made a card using Hamish and believe it or not the very same backing paper!!! We had no connect or any idea that the other was going to do this, how weird is that? We have so many similarities we joke that maybe we are related somehow! this is the link so you can have a look but I don't think it is going to work you may need to copy and paste this into your system?

Lillie was a sod again last night, this time worse she was calling out histerically as soon as Matthew got down the stairs, lord only knows what the problem is, when we ask her she says she doesn't know? She has been asking a lot just recently about what happens when you die, what happens to your skin, today was what happens to your food, she knows you turn into a skeleton as they have one hanging on the door at school, maybe this is playing on her mind. She has school tomorrow so I hope she gets a good nights sleep for her and Matthews sake.
I haven't done any crafting today, not really had the inspiration to, I tell a lie I have printed a decoupage sheet and cut it out, but it's not put together and I've yet to make the card, it's for Uncle's birthday next week so I'll show you when it's done.

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