Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Yippee Lillie had a good night last night, only 1 blip which was not long after we went to bed. We put a dream catcher up without her knowing, when we told her what we were going to do she started crying and saying she didn't want it up no no no. So Matthew sneakily hung it at the end of the curtain poll behind a string of fairies she has hanging there!! We will see how it goes tonight, but maybe there really is something with these dream catchers that somehow really does work?
Today has been quite non productive, I have sat at my desk willing to make something, be it cards, scrapbook pages anything, but all I seem to have done is look around various blogs and sketch sites looking for inspiration.
I did have a play and got 3 Hamish images printed nicely, even if I did double sided tape him to one of the girls mini story books, but it seemed to work! Then I after much deliberating made the following card to coinside with the current challenge over on the Just Bex forum
Your card HAD to have 4 triangles, 2 circles, 2 rectangles and 3 squares on it and any other embellishments you wished. I had the picture taken, and all set to post it on the forum when checking the list I had missed a blinking triangle aaarrgghhh!!!
So luckily there was exactly the right place for one at the top right hand corner of the image, phew! But I am totally p'd off with the smudges I made when adding the fake stiching, but will still give the card to my friends little boy who's birthday it is next month, he won't even look at the card (most kids never do) and his mum will understand as she has dabbled in card making herself!

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