Friday, 25 January 2008

Wow this is my 100th post, how quickly they add up, doesn't seem that long ago that I started my blog and published my very first post!
I had to collect the undelivered parcel from the post office this morning, but I had worked out what it was, nothing for me sadly it was 5 drill bits for Matthew! Whilst out I popped into the shop/newsagents round the corner from ours to get the local paper as Lillie's class had their photo taken for the paper on Monday, I managed to get a clipboard to 'alter' for a challenge on the CM&PC forum. Here are the before and after piccies

just look at that wonderful pack of sticky gems to 50p I couldn't believe my eyes, I had all 3 packs, if only there had've been more! The board had a sliding ruler attached so I covered that and stuck it down along the bottom and sides so things can be tucked in.
We received a post-card in the post this morning from Lillie! They had made them at school, to write home and tell parents about their recent trip to see the swans, yesterday they had a trip to the post office to buy a stamp and to post their post-cards, also see what goes on.

I also received my Bella stamps, yipee something else to play with!
I made this card (with another Bella image) for the card lift challenge on the Just Bex forum (link on the left)
I went up the school early this afternoon as we had been invited to an achievement assembly, they were giving out bookmarks/certificates depending on how much the children had learnt. Lillie received a certificate which says she can recognise 13 sight words and 23 letter sounds fluently. Not bad heh!?!
She has whined ever since she came home though saying her neck and leg hurt, someone bumped into her and knocked her over in the playground and she twisted her leg also jolted her neck, she has a heat bag on her leg as we speak, bedtime soon!


My Little Space said...

hi Joanne, love your cards etc. Can you email me your address so I can send you your PIF Candy, thanks


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