Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Oh I am really getting into this stamping lark!!! With my new ink pad (purcahsed Monday) I have attached my sugar nellie stamps to their wooden blocks, curtosy of Matthew cutting up the wooden cheese board he got (as part of a set! with knife and port!). I have stamped several images, as yet I have only gotten around colouring one of them, and haven't yet attempted using water and brush with my pencils yet, but I will no doubt about that!!
In my web/blog travels I have also stumbled upon this rather fab sugar nellie blog which keeps you up to date with new designs, and shows some wonderful card samples using the nellie stamps, it's well worth a visit
mmmmmmm..... still having problems with direct links, but I am seeking help to try to get these to work! You can use the link on the left though (I think that works!)

Lillie had a good night again last night, the dream catcher must be working! That or holding her dolls hand, but who cares something is working, I am also reading them a story or part of before I go downstairs. She only stirred once just after we went to bed, I think she senses we are there and just wants a kiss.
Took Hollie to playgroup this morning, she was fab and just went off to the craft table, then the drawing table, then the reading spot and hardly came to me at all, so I have no worries about her settling in at nursery when she starts after easter, oooo... that'll soon be here!!!
Hollie's masterpiece ''Rocking Robin'' made all by herself with guidance from one of the helpers!

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Angelswings_2 said...

Love your Pirate card...
Didn't know you were seeking help from me to do direct
Hope the email helps ;-)