Friday, 11 January 2008

I've been at it again, yep making more cards! I had a spurt on and made 3 this morning, with an idea for the 4th but that's still in the process of being made.

Would you believe that Kerry and I have done it again with our cards and made very very similar ones! I have used a nellie image and she has used a tilda, and we've both used flowers, the paper (purple with flowers) is identical again!!!! All I can say is wow!
Last night Matthew and I made a start on the picnic/party boxes for the party, they are all filled with drink, crisps, choc biccie, small box of raisins, and some sweets and treats. The boxes themselves look rather plain and I know we could've gone to town with them, but realistically the children aren't going to be interested on the outside of the box are they? it's what's inside that counts!!
Mum and dad came round this afternoon, mum had made 2 slab cakes and put glace icing on top with smarties and sprinkles, so we've cut and wrapped that ready to go in later, and we've also made and wrapped sandwiches for each box, these are in the fridge and will go in in the morning. Here are a few piccies of them

These boxes take me back to my birthday parties, mum used to do these for us. For years our parties were in the village pub (then owned by my dear nan and grandad, then nan after he passed away, sadly she has now passed away to), we would have music on the juke box and have the most wonderful times! Boy how many years ago was that heh? Twenty plus!!!

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