Friday, 4 January 2008

Yeah Lillie went back to school this morning, and we all managed the early morning really well. She had a better night last night, a few whimpers but told her to shut up and she did! She surprised me big time by getting her school clothes on straight away no fuss no arguements, she must have been keen to get back to school. We ended up sitting about for half an hour, but it was nice not to have to rush about with me loosing my temper.
Hollie and I nipped up town, I needed eggs for my cake baking tomorrow, and we managed to pick up a couple of bargains in Peacocks! Bless her she was a bit lost without Lillie, even though she has had great fun with her new desk (birthday pressie, it has an over head projector and slides with numbers/letters/pictures to copy) we actually got the batteries for it, but it is a bit loud and has no volume button??!!!!
While looking for something in my storage boxes I came accross an envelope with lots of stamped Bella images, that someone from me Just Bex forum kindly stamped and sent me. I just had to colour up the ballerina Bella and have made this card for Lillie wishing her good luck for her ballet show. I can't believe it's only a fortnight away, we first heard about it months ago! I will give it to her on the morning of the shows, I may even make one for her teacher! This has to be up there with my all time favourite cards, she's just gorgeous!
I was tearing my hair out looking for my peel off marker pens so I could colour my gold peel off black. Oh why is it that when you have a tidy up you can never find anything you want? Mind you if you saw the amount of storage boxes and carrier bags of things I have around my desk you would wonder how I ever get anything made! I don't I tidy up, I leave it messy and I still can't find it, I NEED to get some organization sorted!


All Pink girl said...

Beautiful card ,love it .Dawnx

Angelswings_2 said...

Stunning card.... loving the flower