Saturday, 5 January 2008

Lillie played up again last night, again putting her parts on before Matthew had even come done the stairs. I was summond for some reason, why? she doesn't want me I'm mean mummy, still I had words, threats that there would be no nails painted, no sleep overs at nannie and grandads and this seemed to work. She did wake once but this was for the toilet and went back to sleep afterwards.
I baked my cakes this morning, and finally got them filled and bagged up before we had tea, we will deliver them in the morning and then head off to Morrisons, we need to do a full shop as we only got 'bits' last week, and also need to get the rest of the bits for Lillie's party picnic boxes.
Finally got round to colouring a couple more Bella images but it's taken a while for the ideas to flow for the actual card layouts. So after inspiration from some fello bloggers I completed 1 card, the other will have to wait now until Monday at the earliest.

When we get back from shopping and have cleared it away and had lunch, we have the task of taking down the christmas decorations, oh the joy! I hate the way the house looks afterwards, it always looks so bare, it doesn't take too long to get used to again though.

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